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About Us 


Jajuana Calloway and her son Christopher are the founders and creators of A’gem Enterprises, LLC in Culver City, CA. Jajuana completed her bachelor’s degree at California State University, Los Angeles. She is a committed advocate for children’s rights and social causes that affect our society.


Our Story 

Get to Know Us

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Our Company

A’gem is a contemporary clothing brand making customers feel like a member of an exclusive community linked by shared values and ideals. Our various clothing lines promote a conscious awareness of our world and the real-life experiences that affect us all.  A’gem was born from a sincere desire to inform and enlighten everyone!  Though we are culturally different, we are all the same at the core, and A’gem wants to celebrate that truth.

We aspire to obtain a great reputation for excellent customer satisfaction, by offering a large variety of high-quality and unique products, tailored to our customers, through our various design campaigns.

Our Vision

Through our designs, we at A’gem want to represent an awareness of culture, ALL cultures-as we recognize our individual uniqueness, honor our differences, and respect the spirit of diversity for everyone!


Product and Agenda

Our first fashion campaign product introduction and LIMITED RELEASE is the unisex BLM Culturally United Bomber Jacket, beautifully designed for sportswear. It will remind all who wear it, as a memorial to those who have lost children and family members to senseless gun violence, and to never stop advocating for the social injustices that still exist in our communities.


A’gem’s focus is on connecting communities, through the spirit of LOVE and SOLIDARITY– not just one group but transcending all labels and divisions. We also believe in promoting a spirit of generosity by giving back to meaningful causes that positively affect the world.


For every jacket sold, $25.00 will be donated to several foundations:


The Historically Black Colleges and Universities Foundation


The Circle of Mothers/Trayvon Martin Foundation


A’gem’s, message is to promote social change and conscious awareness by showcasing the beauty and strength of all cultures who wear our brand! 


Thank you for your support and blessings-A’gem



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